Harrison Playing Fields

Date Produced:

30th August 2020

Review Date: Fortnightly Produced by:

Lammack FC in line with FA guidelines

Potential Hazard Those At Risk Risk Rating Without Controls In Place Control Risk Factor With Controls In Place
Risk of liability The club High •       The club is affiliated to the Lancashire FA who provide liability insurance

•       The club have secured player injury insurance via the FA recommended provider, Blue Fin Insurance

•       If a parent chooses for their child (or adult player) to take part in matches they will need to give their written consent to the club coach. This can take the form of a message in a whats app group

•       Each team’s Covid officer will provide a safety briefing before each game

FA guidelines on reducing the transmission of COVID – 19 Players, Coaches High ·         All clubs must identify a Covid-19 officer who will be responsible for developing a Covid-19 plan and risk assessment prior to the restart of any activity. The Covid-19 officer should continually monitor how compliance is being observed within the club. The club chairman, Ian Jones will undertake this role.

·         The Covid-19 officer should establish a Covid-19 group to be responsible for producing and implementing the Covid-19 risk assessment and to oversee the safe return to play. The club coaches committee has adopted this role

·         The Covid-19 officer at each club will be responsible for clearly communicating all relevant guidance to its players, coaches and volunteers. This outcome has been achieved via the use of a PowerPoint slide

·         In competitive football activities the Covid-19 officer of each club must ensure a safety briefing is provided before the commencement of any fixture. This briefing will remind both sets of players and officials about their responsibilities in complying with the Code of Behaviour- This will be undertaken by the team’s Covid officer

·         Sharing of equipment will not be allowed and strong hand hygiene practices will be in place before and after each game.

·         Everyone should self-assess for COVID-19 symptoms before every match. If you are symptomatic or living in a household with possible or actual COVID-19 infection you must not participate or attend

·         Pre-match handshake should be avoided. Instead players will be asked to hand-sanitise before kick-off

·         Team talk can take place, as long as social distancing is observed

•       Warm-ups/cool-downs will observe social distancing

•       Coaches, other team staff and substitutes are allowed, but must observe social distancing on touchlines/dug-outs.

•       Social-distancing must also be observed when a substitution is being made;

•       Set plays – free kicks: referees and coaches should encourage players to not unnecessarily prolong set play set-up, such as defensive walls;

•       Set plays – corners should also be taken promptly to limit prolonged close marking.

·         • Goal celebrations should be avoided;

Cross contamination of Covid-19 virus through poor hand hygiene All users High •       There will be hand sanitiser stations at the entrance and exit to the pitches.  Players and guardians will sanitise their hands when they enter and exit the pitches

•       Players should bring their own sanitiser to use throughout the match

•       Balls and equipment will be cleaned and disinfected by the coaches before and after each game.

•       The team’s Covid officer will sanitise the corner flags, balls, and goal posts during the quarter time, half time and three quarter time breaks in the game

•       Players  should ensure they disinfect their hands during breaks in the game and thoroughly afterwards

•       Goalkeepers should ensure they disinfect their gloves during breaks in the game and thoroughly afterwards.

•       Where possible, only coaches and covid officers should handle equipment

•       Participants should follow best practice for travel including minimising use of public transport and walking or cycling if possible. People from a household or support bubble can travel together in a vehicle

If participants do have to travel with people outside their household or support bubble they should try to:

Ø  Share the transport with the same people each time;

Ø  Keep to small groups of people at any one time;

Ø  Open windows for ventilation;

Ø  Face away from each other;

Ø  Clean the car between journeys using standard cleaning products – including door handles and other areas that people may touch;

Ø  Ask the driver and all passengers to wear a face covering;

Ø  Consider seating arrangements to maximise distance between people in the vehicle

Ø  Wash hands for at least 20 seconds or sanitise hands often, and always when exiting or re-entering the vehicle;

Ø  When finishing the journey participants should wash their hands for at least 20 seconds or sanitise their hands as soon as possible

•       Coaches should keep a record of attendees at a match, including contact details, to support NHS Test and Trace;

Cross contamination of Covid-19 virus by users congregating on the car park All Users High ·         Parking will be allowed on the lower car park at the Harrison Playing Fields.

·         Parents, children or adult players must remain in their cars until their coach informs that it is safe to proceed to the pitches. Whilst adult players might consider this to be patronising they are expected to set an example to the young players

Contamination of Indoor facilities All Users High ·         Due to the current pandemic there will be no changing facilities available on site

·         Toilets will only be open for 30 minutes before and after the games

·         Players will attend games wearing the club kit

Cross contamination whilst accessing and exiting the pitches All users High To minimise congestion and to allow the smooth entrance and exit of the facility we have produced the following guidelines

·         You may park on the bottom car park of the Harrison Playing Fields

·         You should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your allotted time but should remain in your car until the coach informs you that it is safe to leave your car. This guideline is designed to minimise people congregating on the car park.

·         Players, parents and coaches will access the pitches via the gates marked “entrance” and sanitise their hands at the sanitiser station. You will then continue to your match area whilst, maintaining a 2m distance from others.

·         At the end of the match players, parents and coaches will exit the pitches, sanitising their hands at the sanitiser station and leaving via the gates marked exit

·         Transition of players between matches must be carried out in a safe, controlled and well communicated way.

·         This collaboration between coaches, players and parents is essential for the smooth and timely transition of users

Cross contamination of Covid-19 virus during matches by coaches Coaches High Coaches-

•       To adhere to the requirements of the Government’s Track and Trace system the Covid officer or coach will keep a record of the names and contact details of all those attending games (players, parents and other coaches), which must be stored for 21 days in line with the Government guidance and then destroyed.

•       Will make sure that sharing of equipment is kept to a minimum

•       Will ensure the first aid kit is available at the matches – complete with PPE

•       Will ensure all equipment is cleaned before and after each match

•       Will ensure children and their guardians or adult players arrive and leave at the allotted time

•       If you have to go within 1m of a child to assist with First Aid then you MUST wear the PPE equipment from your First Aid bag.

•       Only two coaches will be allowed pitch side. The coaches will remain socially distant in a technical area large enough to accommodate 2m distance social distancing

•       As per ELFDA ruling, the referee’s will receive their match fee inside a paper envelope

•       Players should take their kit home to wash it themselves.  Where kit has to be shared or kept together each person handling it must wash or sanitise their hands immediately after

•       There is an additional risk of infection in close proximity situations where people are shouting or conversing loudly. This particularly applies when face to face. Coaches should therefore avoid shouting or raising their voices when facing each other during, before and after games.

Cross contamination of Covid-19 virus during matches by players Players High Players

•       Make sure you sanitize your hands before you enter the pitch

•       If you must cough or sneeze please us a tissue or your elbow.  Dispose of the tissue in the bin.  Make sure you sanitize your hands afterwards.

•       Do not bring any items other than a water bottle and hand sanitiser (make sure your name is on it), and your asthma inhaler if you require one

•       Try not to touch the football with your hands

•       There is an additional risk of infection in close proximity situations where people are shouting or conversing loudly. This particularly applies when face to face. Players should therefore avoid shouting or raising their voices when facing each other during, before and after games.

Cross contamination of Covid-19 virus during matches For Parents/ Guardians of young children High Parents or Guardians of children

•       One guardian is permitted to bring their child to matches. This ratio of 1:1 will ensure the spectator area does not become over crowded,

•       We know some players are excited to return but in order to remain safe please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your allotted time

•       Please adhere the 2m social distancing rule at all times.

•       You must stay at the match with your child if your child is under 16.  There will be room around the outside of the pitch for you to stand and watch.

•       You will be asked to assist your child with First Aid if they suffer a minor injury – coaches will have to wear PPE if they have to go within 1m of your child

•       These measures are in place to avoid over-crowding of all areas

Cross contamination of Covid-19 virus during whilst delivering First Aid Players, Coaches & Members of The Public High §  As always, the safety of our players is paramount

§  Coaches are expected to have their club first aid kits with them during matches.

§  PPE will be provided to the lead coach

§  Guardians must stay at the match with their child if they are under 16.  There will be room around the outside of the pitch for the guardian to stand and watch, whilst complying with 2M social distancing

§  First aid for minor injuries or illness will be provided by the onsite parent/guardian or responsible person

§  First aid for those instances requiring treatment such as ice packs, plasters, bandages & eye wash will be administered by the coach who will be required to don PPE – gloves, mask and visor.

§  An ambulance should be called for more severe cases such as severe trauma, shock, loss of consciousness

§  All accidents are to be reported to the club’s Child Welfare Officer

Risk of Covid-19 transmission whilst locking and unlocking padlocks and gates Committee members Medium §  The person responsible for locking and unlocking the padlocks on the external gates will sanitize their hands before and after completing the procedures. Low
•       We are a FA Community Club and during this time we expect everyone to take responsibility for adhering to these practises.  It is a collective responsibility between the children, guardians, coaches and committee to ensure that we all keep safe whilst enjoying the opportunity to train.

•       Please be reminded, if an individual is symptomatic, living in your household with a possible COVID-19 infection, or if you are classified as extremely vulnerable on health grounds, the guidance is that you should remain at home

•       If a coach or a child displays symptoms of COVID-19 at any point during the match they must leave immediately.  If they display symptoms after the match they must inform the Club, and any symptoms before the match they must NOT attend.

•       If any party – coach, player or guardian deliberately fails to adhere to these guidelines it will result in them not being able to train